TAP Innovations Removes Manual Processes through Custom System Integration Solutions for Ursus, Inc.

TAP Innovations Removes Manual Processes through Custom System Integration Solutions for Ursus, Inc.

TAP Innovations Removes Manual Processes through Custom System Integration Solutions for Ursus, Inc.

Premier integration solutions automate manual record transfer processes and integrate core business systems to better manage Ursus applicants and their information.


KELLER, TX and MORGAN HILL, CA April 11, 2021. TheAppPlace (TAP) Innovations, a leading provider of cloud-based integration solutions across people and data enterprises, announced today that Ursus, Inc., a market leader in staffing and consulting services, chose premier integration solutions to automate manual processes and integrate multiple business systems. Ursus manages applicant information first in JobDiva, and then leverages Paycor’s New Hire application once an applicant has been moved to new-hire onboarding status. TAP Innovations provides a custom integration platform to identify onboarding records from JobDiva, eliminate duplicate records, and transfer records to Paycor New Hire API. TAP Innovations Solutions are affordable, easy to implement and quick to scale. 


Lack of integration and too many manual processes to transfer new hire candidate records interfered with process efficiencies for Ursus, Inc.’s Paycor implementation. This new TAP Innovations custom integration solution will run frequently to remove the manual burden of information and record transfer between JobDiva and Paycor. 


TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator and in a matter of weeks, closed their system integration gap with digital tools and new customized and automated data processes. An improved environment for data transfer between systems includes flagged record identification, duplicate record check, and record transfer based on Paycor New Hire API template requirements. 


TAP Innovations solutions for Ursus, Inc. are scalable, customized and implemented with customer service and support excellence.


Paycor initiated TAP Innovations to fill integration gaps for a growing list of Paycor customers so tasks like payroll, training, time and recordkeeping are streamlined.


  1. A Panera Bread franchise, AKA Rolling Dough
  2. Urban Air Adventure Parks
  3. Brazos Valley Council of Governments
  4. Hamra Management Company
  5. OPTIONS, Inc.
  6. Gulf Coast Social Services (GCSS)
  7. LineStar Integrity Services
  8. Circle of Care
  9. PTW Energy Services
  10. Pueblo Mechanical & Controls 


For more on the TAP Innovations and Ursus, Inc. click here [LINK TO USE CASE]. Visit our website for an overview of the growing offering of premier integration solutions for Paycor customers.


TAP Innovations removes reliance on spreadsheets to improve workflows and payout accuracy, ultimately improving recordkeeping, insight into global financials and employee satisfaction. Paycor customers benefit from the simplicity of implementations, deliverables and speed to market with affordable solutions. 


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theAppPlace (TAP) Innovations delivers cloud-based solutions to eliminate Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS). TAP Innovations…THE Integrated Digital Toolbox automates manual processes and greatly reduces spreadsheet sprawl, actions data into information and performs intelligent content organization across people and entity enterprises. A growing set of Digital Tools for CRM, Business Intelligence, Integrations, and more are web and mobile enabled and quick to fill data interoperability gaps with core business systems. TAP Innovations solutions have been implemented to streamline business processes for leading healthcare and financial management organizations as well as internal departments for companies from 50-15,000 employees and users. Visit www.tapinnov.com to learn more.