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Ursus provides staffing and consulting services for cloud, business, IT, marketing and creative needs. Ursus manages job applicant information in JobDiva, an application tracking system (ATS). System and information integration to Paycor would allow a seamless exchange of applicant records for new employees marked or selected for onboarding. Ursus looked to eliminate their manual efforts and spreadsheets quickly and affordably.

TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator and was able to integrate their business systems in less than 4 weeks!

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The Problem...

Current workflows and data processes require Ursus to identify and transfer their applicant records flagged for onboarding and other relevant status changes. Transferring the candidate’s information from JobDiva to Paycor without creating duplicate records is a manual and time consuming task. TAP Innovations integrated their business systems with custom solutions and digital tools for automated data workflows and optimal process efficiencies. Affordable, easy to implement and quick to scale solutions make TAP Innovations a winning choice for system integration needs.

    Frustrated with Spread Sheets
    TAP Innovations' Solution

    TAP Innovations is a premier systems integrator and customer implementations expert for HR, CRM, Financial, LMS, POS, and Healthcare (EMR and PM) software companies. Solutions are easily scalable and repeatable across multiple industries including franchises: 

    • Bi-directional integrations
    • Bulk data loads to transfer historical data
    • Data transformations
    • Actionable Information
    • Data capture
    • Easily scalable and repeatable across franchises
    TAP Implementation Flow Arrow
    Happy with TAP Innovations Implementation
    Key Digital Tools

    TAP Innovations is a Paycor integration expert and closed their system integration gap with affordable digital tools and customized automated processes.

    • SFTP environment setup
    • Custom integration program to identify and transfer candidate records
    • Duplicate record check
    • Customized frequency for new automated processes
    • Ongoing service and maintenance
    “Through TAP Innovations we eliminated our manual efforts of transferring job applicant data from one system to another. We can onboard employees faster and we know their data is up to date and accessible when and where we need it.”
     Keith Coffman
    Vice President of HR & People Operations
    Ursus, Inc

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