TAP Innovations Awarded Minority-Owned Business Certification by the United States Federal Government and Texas Small Business Association (SBA®)

TAP Innovations Awarded Minority-Owned Business Certification by the United States Federal Government and Texas Small Business Association (SBA®)

TAP Innovations Awarded Minority-Owned Business Certification by the United States Federal Government and Texas Small Business Association (SBA®) 

DFW-based TAP Innovations becomes a certified minority-owned business at the federal and state levels effective February 2022

DALLAS, TX – November 3, 2022. TheAppPlace (TAP) Innovations, a minority-owned business certified by Texas Small Business Association® (SBA®) and leading provider of cloud-based integration solutions across people and data enterprises, announced its official state and federal certification as a Minority-Owned Business. The Texas Small Business Association® (SBA®) has awarded this certification upon verification that a "socially disadvantaged group" owns at least 51% of TAP Innovations. 

After passing the rigorous requirements of the Texas SBA® and federal government minority-owned business application process, this certification gives TAP Innovations increased contract opportunities from state and federal government sources, as well as visibility through the following searchable websites:


The diverse ownership of TAP Innovations includes Rimond Allam, Sachin Garg, and Sneha Akhani. As Chief Architect and Co-Founder, Rimond Allam has accelerated product launches, developed world-class applications, and implemented technology solutions for customers across the globe for more than 20 years. Allam brings effective leadership to many areas at TAP Innovations, including IT enterprise architecture, data governance, data warehousing, project management, and IT service management. 

Partner, Senior Director of Operations, and part Owner of TAP Innovations, Sachin Garg, has a combined total of 32 years of experience in IT, Project and Program Management, eCommerce, and Insurance. Garg is a Certified Scrum Master, has an MBA in IT Systems, and a Master's in Computer Applications Development. 

Member Manager, part Owner and TAP Innovations Advisor, Sneha Akhani, is an experienced Senior Quality Assurance Analyst with a demonstrated history in the insurance, technology and HR industries. Akhani is highly skilled in Oracle Database, Test Automation, Databases, .NET Framework, and C#, with a Master's degree focused in Computer Science from University of Bridgeport. 

"TAP Innovations understands the importance of a diverse workforce, and we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace environment for our customers, partners, and teams," said John Ragsdale, Founder CEO. "We are thrilled to receive this recognition from the United States Government and Texas SBA®! We look forward to expanding our business impact through diversity programs and procurement opportunities available to minority-owned businesses in Texas and beyond." 

John Ragsdale, Founder CEO, worked with Rimond Allam to co-found TAP Innovations in 2017. With 25 years of experience providing technology leadership and developing vision and strategic plans, Ragsdale has helped organizations deliver large-scale project solutions to hundreds, allowing everyone to benefit from better data processes and management of their staff, customers, and partners. His experience spans multiple industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, and more.

Texas is America's #1 State for Business & the World's 10th Largest Economy with Annual Sales of $1.8 trillion and 2.8 million small businesses. Texas SBA®, founded to connect Texas business owners and encourage transactions within the membership group, is entrusted to help small businesses navigate the biennial $160 billion State of Texas government contracting marketplace, creating a pro-business climate in the Texas legislature on behalf of individual companies. 

TAP Innovations is a premier integration expert that provides affordable, ongoing system maintenance and support to ensure optimal solutions performance. TAP Innovations removes reliance on spreadsheets to improve workflows and payout accuracy, ultimately improving recordkeeping, insight into global financials, and employee satisfaction. Customers can trust their information with TAP Innovations is highly safeguarded with industry standards and protocols implemented to protect client data. 

Thousands of users utilize TAP Innovations' digital tools and solutions daily, and benefit from the simplicity of implementations, deliverables, and speed to market with affordable solutions. For more on TAP Innovations and customer implementations, click here.

About TAP Innovations

theAppPlace (TAP) Innovations, a minority-owned business certified by Texas SBA®, delivers cloud-based solutions to eliminate Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS). TAP Innovations…THE Integrated Digital Toolbox™ automates manual processes and greatly reduces spreadsheet sprawl, actions data into information, and performs intelligent content organization across people and entity enterprises. A growing set of Digital Tools for CRM, Business Intelligence, Integrations, and more are web and mobile-enabled and quick to fill data interoperability gaps with core business systems. TAP Innovations solutions have been implemented to streamline business processes for leading organizations with 50-15,000 employees and users in the following industries: Restaurant/Franchise Groups, Healthcare (Pediatric, Social Services, Home Health, Senior Services, EyeCare), Construction, Oil & Gas, HCM (Human Capital Mgmt)/HR, Local Government, Photography, Storage Facilities, Retail/Car Care, Retail/Entertainment, Native American Tribes, Landscaping, Security/Protection Services, Staff/Recruiting, Managed Service Providers (MSP), Marketing, Building Maintenance, Financial Services, and more. Visit www.tapinnov.com to learn more.

About Texas SBA

Texas Small Business Association® is the institution providing foundational support to this business community domestically and internationally. At all levels of government, Texas Small Business Association® is relied upon as the repository when seeking information or access to the business community of Texas. In commerce, Texas Small Business Association® is the central body distributing resources to business owners and companies of all sizes throughout the state. Internationally, Texas Small Business Association® recruits foreign-based memberships in 80 countries and 20 languages, expanding trade relationships and markets for our members. https://www.texassba.us/