TAP Innovations partners with MLR Tribal Solutions, LLC to bring efficiencies into business processes for tribal communities. MLR enables the accurate and swift processing of healthcare claims to ensure native american tribes receive the appropriate Medicare-Like-Rate federal discount on their medical costs. Together, TAP Innovations and MLR offer:

  • Efficient claims processing thanks to sophisticated digital tools
  • Repeatable and scalable web-based application to manage tribal community data
  • Streamlined approach to manage claims checks and balances
  • Time and cost savings efficiencies to tribal communities across the country
  • SharePoint customizations or system overhaul

MLR Strategic Solutions

  • Increase purchase referred care funds (PRC) through MLR Maximizer
  • Overpayment recovery service
  • Coordination of Benefits (COB) adjustment
  • Repricing HCFA 1500 claims
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MLR Tribal Solutions, LLC provides Medicare-Like-Rate (MLR) claims processing and payment for Native American Health Departments, including; 

  • Coushatta Tribe of Lousiana
  • Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma
  • Great Plains Tribal Chairmans Healthboard
  • Kickapoo of Oklahoma
  • Kickapoo of Kansas
  • Kimaw Nation
  • Passamaquaddy Nation
  • Osage Nation
  • Winnebago Nation
  • Iowa Nation of Kansas and Nebraska
  • Sac and Fox Nation
  • Alabama Coushatta Tribe of Texas

MLR operated using the SharePoint system which quickly became inefficient and lacked integration into other business systems. TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator and launched a multi-phase approach to replace SharePoint and integrate process automation for billing, check processing and provider data access.

  • Access patient and provider NPI data 
  • Void, print and other claim check process 
  • Identify and match duplicate checks and records 
  • Capture clinical CPT codes 
  • Enhance claim image processing 
  • Access comprehensive reports

The TAP Innovations solutions are repeatable and scalable to support other tribal community needs. MLR is a trusted partner to tribal communities across the country, bringing needed efficiencies to help them generate cost savings and enterprise access to information.

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