TAP Innovations partners with DigitalBlue Software, LLC to gain work synergies in the world of Native American tribes and casinos. DigitalBlue is a custom software development and cybersecurity expert that offers professional services to both public and private technology environments. Their cybersecurity services provide critical feedback on areas of concern and vulnerabilities, including a remediation plan that can be implemented by the client or by DigitalBlue. 


Strategic Solutions

  • CyberSecurity Assessments & Pentesting
  • Remediation Plans
  • Incident Response
  • Product Assessments
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In Use Today Today

Many tribes depend on federal resources for technology infrastructure and cyber security. Our approach helps tribal members modernize their federal dollars and programs. DigitalBlue leverages TAP Innovations’ premier integration and custom application solutions for technological advancements amongst tribal communities. This partnership brings together data protection and security with process automation and centralized information access. 

  • The Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma launched a custom application and social services portal to simplify their tribal operations 

  • TAP Innovations replace labor-intensive processes to manage member applications 

  • Tribal community members gain technical efficiencies to enter, submit and track federal application statuses

  • Reports and analytics give insight into actionable information

  • Customers gain peace of mind that their information is connected, protected and secured

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