TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Vijay Shah, Co-Founder The Humanist Academy

The abrupt transition to online learning has been a drastic change for many students and families during the #COVID19 #crisis. Vijay Shah, co-founder of The Humanist Academy THA says an adaptive learning environment enables students to remain passionate about their learning from home. Hear how the school has taken on #COVID19 challenges and more in this John Ragsdale #TAPTIA interview.

TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Deepak Pareek, CEO of DigiAgri

Agricultural businesses, farmers and markets have experienced global supply chain disruption during the #COVID19 #pandemic and lock downs. Deepak Pareek is enabling #farmers and food suppliers to adopt technology and digital tools to connect the supply chain and move food to consumers quickly and more efficiently. Watch this #TAPTIA with John Ragsdale#supplychain #agriculture

TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Kishore Tummala, CEO of BundleN

John Ragsdale Interviews Kishore Tummala, CEO of BundleN, with 3 Questions in 9 minutes. Business Challenges during the COVID19 Pandemic.

TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Charles Savage, Client Services Exec MCG

Charles Savage with Midwest Consulting Group is attacking the impact of #COVID19 from many angles, inspiring teams, customers and neighbors to come together and lift each other up in these tough times. Check out this #TAPTIA with John Ragsdale for their recent conversation. #remotework #employeemorale #ITstaffing

TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Sanket Thakkar, CEO iConFlux Technologies

Financial projections, transitioning to 100% remote work and sales forecasting are the 3 biggest challenges Sanket Thakkar, CEO of IConflux Technologies Pvt Ltd faces during this #COVID19 #pandemic. Watch how his business and employees are responding to boost morale in this TAP Industry Analysis interview with John Ragsdale#TAPTIA #remotework