TAP Interview with Technology Ball

In this Technology Ball member vendor video, TAP Sales VP Clint Boeglin chats with 
Ron Bruno. Hear TAP’s business impact to the community and customers through MESS solutions, survey assessments and industry analysis interviews. Check it out! 

Advice For Job Seekers & Grads During Covid-19 Recession | Companies That Are Hiring Now

John Ragsdale is a local DFW CIO and Tech Startup founder of TAP Innovations. John shares some helpful tips for students, or any job seekers out there on how to find jobs in a tough economy, and which companies in America might be hiring new positions right now during the recession.

TAP Innovations recently launched a new website design now live at www.tapinnov.com.

Catering to the rapid digitization of content consumers access, the new website allows visitors to quickly assess the product and solution set unique to their business industry or need. Product and customer solution videos are accessible throughout the site. Navigate easily through products, solutions, customer use cases, TAP partners and frequent news updates. 
Replacing Manual Efforts and Spreadsheets (MESS) remains the essence of the TAP digital offering, referred to as TAP TI Core. The TAP Integration Fabric then bridges system and data gaps, enabling high performance from existing systems. Lastly, Actionable Information (AI) closes the loop for TAP customers so all systems, databases and programs are efficient and effective. 
Visit www.tapinnov.com to learn more and don’t forget to contact us today to tap into your potential and eliminate your manual efforts and spreadsheets! 

TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Rutvij Thakkar, Student SEM Dallas

John Ragsdale Interviews Rutvij Thakkar, Student at SEM Dallas School of Science and Engineering, Writer, Aspiring Entrepreneur and Speaker, with 3 Questions in 9 minutes. Business Challenges during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Managing Corporate Growth with John Ragsdale

Check out TAP co-founder John Ragsdale on a recent #MissionMatters #podcast with Adam Torres. If you're an executive or #entrepreneur you won't want to miss this conversation on managing corporate growth! TAP Podcast Mission Matters: From Corporate to Entrepreneur