TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Pat Cowan, Owner Tubaiste

Patrick Cowan has been immersed in #crisis #management since 1989, helping Fortune 500 companies plan for when disasters hit. His knowledge of planning and preparation is crucial now as businesses navigate federal, state and local assistance and guidelines during #COVID19 #pandemic#TAPTIA

TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Rob Adams, Founder Chai & Coaching

Robert Adams shares solutions to overcome the biggest challenges many business face due to the #COVID19 #pandemic. His cross-cultural and training business, Chai & Coaching, had to pivot from in-person engagements to #virtual learning and he encourages others to find solutions to continue to serve #customers. Check it out!

TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Kartik Shah, Founder/Trainer/Director, InTwoCanada

Dr. Kartik Shah, Founder of InTwo Canada says going #paperless was one of the wisest decisions he has made for his company. This realization and more as TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) with John Ragsdale spotlights how his global #education and training business is weathering the #COVID19 #pandemic.

TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Henry Draughn, Owner Process Delivery Systems (PDS)

Henry Draughon - Reducing Process Complexity, CEO of Process Delivery Systems has immersed his process improvement business into the #healthcare field. #COVID19 has tasked his organization to rapidly expand its lean practices into #telehealth to support clinicians and healthcare administrators as they battle the virus.
Watch the latest TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) with John Ragsdale for his answers to 3 important questions small businesses face during this #pandemichttps://lnkd.in/gbywQM3

TAP Industry Analysis (TIA) Spotlight - Dev Thakkar, Owner, J Sterling Spa's

Even with his regional #spa business shut down due to #COVID19, owner Dev Thakkar of J Sterling's Spa in Florida is most concerned about the mental and financial well-being of his staff. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty Dev’s #leadership and positivity is inspiring. Watch the latest TAP Industry Analysis (TIA)!