TAP Solves High-Usage and Unpredictable Data and Network Plan Billing Challenges through TAP AI and other Solutions

24/7 data monitoring is a necessary business expense for one organization that aids the court system in monitoring user transdermal alcohol levels through wearable devices. This company monitors thousands of devices across the country which can consume unpredictable and significant amounts of plan and network data. Data overages add up to a staggering amount and are charged at a higher cost, sometimes causing the monthly bill to increase 100% from $75,000 to $150,000 per month just on data usage alone. 

Customer challenges:

  1. Unpredictable monthly phone bills due to overages.

  2. Increase in operating expenses due to overages.

  3. Manual efforts to monitor the data usage and to take actions for upgrading the data plans.

This organization looks to reduce unpredictable costs and:

  1. Identify individual devices that are exceeding their data plan limits they could 

  2. Take action by upgrading the device to the next data plan level and reduce the bill

  3. Analyze reports and other business data to adjust business operations real-time

TAP’s cloud-based solutions resolve operational and financial challenges:

  1. System integration to provide real-time identification and access of wearable device information 

  2. Process automation and user-friendly workflows

  3. Customer prompts and alerts based on data usage, TAP’s Actionable Information Solution (TAP AI) 

  4. Customized reports for a global view of device data