A Panera Bread Franchise (AKA Rolling Dough Enterprises) Paycor Integration Use Case

TAP launches Paycor integration solution for a Panera Bread franchise, (aka Rolling Dough). TAP integrated this franchise’s Point of Sale (POS) time and attendance system with Paycor so employee punches and tips automatically feed into Paycor for timely payroll. TAP is a preferred Paycor integration partner and was able to quickly and cost-effectively save 8 weeks in implementation time. Download the Use Case!
Time and Data Automation Solution is scalable and supports added locations, systems, geographic locations and teams. This solution eliminates the challenges associated with employee relations, information systems, compliance and financials.

TAP Innovations Redevelops Lead Management Database in SalesForce.com for OnTarget Partners 

TAP Innovations solutions will be integrated into SalesForce.com and other business systems to eliminate duplicate records, manual processes and spreadsheet usage.

Keller and Frisco, Tx. October 2, 2020. TheAppPlace (TAP) Innovations, a leading provider of cloud-based integration solutions across people and data enterprises, announced today that it has been chosen by OnTarget Partners to transform data and lead management systems, processes and workflows. Lead and account information that is free of duplicates is critical to maintaining quality customer service so OnTarget Partners can provide accurate, data-based recommendations to its B2B, private equity firms, business owners and venture capitalist organizations. TAP will implement cloud-based solutions to fill gaps in SalesForce.com system integration, data capture and actionable analytics. 

“TAP Innovations is the right partner to take our data infrastructure to the next level,” remarks Ed Trachier, Owner and CEO of OnTarget Partners. “Their affordable solutions will allow us to capture and share information in innovative ways that we know our team members and clients will be excited about.” 

OnTarget Partners manages business and customer data in a Salesforce.com CRM. External systems are also embedded in team member workflows to refine customer accounts as well as capture new leads and prospects. Current data management environment:

  1. Lacks automated processes to send data to external systems 
  2. Manual, time-consuming and lengthy processes
  3. Multiple digital and people sources for lead management
  4. Duplicate record checks fall on the CRM user, and oftentimes don’t occur due to time and system limitations 
  5. Excel processes like vlookups cause data confusion, duplicate work and manual work 

Bi-directional integrations, transformations and innovation in data capture are a few of the ways OnTarget Partners will meet their technology and business objectives through TAP Innovations solutions. 

“This partnership with OnTarget Partners is exciting, and will eliminate manual efforts, workflows and processes that are giving them headaches today,” remarks John Ragsdale, TAP Co-Founder and Board Chair. “TAP solutions are derived from process improvement business acumen and we look forward to implementing these experiences and best practices so OnTarget Partners can work more efficiently with better data.”

The OnTarget Partners database will be free of duplicates and incorrect information. TAP will eliminate the manual work needed to accomplish this through: 

  1. Enhanced SalesForce.com CRM functionality 
  2. Automated information capturing from external systems to save time and reduce errors
  3. New data fields due to business system integration 
  4. Customized technical settings to control the functionality of the integration
  5. Extended feature for file uploads 
  6. Rigorous data testing and verification 

TAP solutions improve workplace efficiency, customer interactions and lead management analytics. TAP Innovations will also provide OnTarget Partners with a Salesforce consultant for systems updates and improvements. TAP recently developed a small business database tool for OnTarget Partners that contains 661,000 business records. More on that project can be found here: https://www.tapinnov.com/news/tap-innovations-develops-a-small-business-database-tool-for-ontarget-partners-that-includes-661-000-businesses-in-the-united-states

About OnTarget Partners 

OnTarget Partners are B2B growth and tactical marketing experts. OnTarget Partners help owners, boards, private equity firms, venture capitalists, CXOs, marketers, salespeople, and mad scientists determine how and when to sell their B2B products, services, and solutions, and to whom. They also provide growth solutions for B2B companies. OnTarget Partners prides itself on good values, giving back and providing exceptional experiences for its team members and customers. OnTarget Partners has been named a top employer in Dallas/Fort Worth by the Dallas Morning News for two years. For more on OnTarget Partners visit https://www.ontargetpartners.com/.

TAP Innovations develops a Small Business Database Tool for OnTarget Partners that includes 661,000 businesses in the United States. 

This innovative, dynamic search tool for business brokers, private equity firms and B2B marketers houses over 661,000 business records for strategic targeting and marketing. Small to medium-sized businesses with revenues between $2 million to $100 million are included in the database and can be identified by geographic locations, industry, revenue, and many more detailed search criteria. Unique identifiers such as NAICS codes, regions and other business information makes the user experience positive and efficient with enhanced search capabilities. This innovative database tool enables businesses to search, build and save tactical market lists of organizations to market to for acquisitions and other business opportunities.

View a demo of the tool.

TAP Solves High-Usage and Unpredictable Data and Network Plan Billing Challenges through TAP AI and other Solutions

24/7 data monitoring is a necessary business expense for one organization that aids the court system in monitoring user transdermal alcohol levels through wearable devices. This company monitors thousands of devices across the country which can consume unpredictable and significant amounts of plan and network data. Data overages add up to a staggering amount and are charged at a higher cost, sometimes causing the monthly bill to increase 100% from $75,000 to $150,000 per month just on data usage alone. 

Customer challenges:

  1. Unpredictable monthly phone bills due to overages.

  2. Increase in operating expenses due to overages.

  3. Manual efforts to monitor the data usage and to take actions for upgrading the data plans.

This organization looks to reduce unpredictable costs and:

  1. Identify individual devices that are exceeding their data plan limits they could 

  2. Take action by upgrading the device to the next data plan level and reduce the bill

  3. Analyze reports and other business data to adjust business operations real-time

TAP’s cloud-based solutions resolve operational and financial challenges:

  1. System integration to provide real-time identification and access of wearable device information 

  2. Process automation and user-friendly workflows

  3. Customer prompts and alerts based on data usage, TAP’s Actionable Information Solution (TAP AI) 

  4. Customized reports for a global view of device data 

TAP Innovations Expands Services for Member Data Management and Medicare Information Access with MLR Tribal Solutions

MLR Tribal Solutions moves into phase two implementation of cloud-based system integration and replacement services

TAP Innovations, a leading provider of cloud-based integration solutions across people and data enterprises, announced today that it has completed implementation phase two for MLR Tribal Solutions. Additional functionality for billing and record management, provider data access and check claim processing supports MLR’s commitment to improve member experiences through better data from integrated systems. MLR Tribal Solutions, LLC provides Medicare-Like-Rate (MLR) claims  processing and payment for Native American Health Departments. TAP was recently selected to overhaul MLR member data management processes and manual efforts by replacing SharePoint and other non-integrated systems.

TAP solves Manual Efforts and Spreadsheets (MESS) with cloud-based solutions and components. Solutions for efficiencies in claims, check processing and billing data access highlights phase two implementation. MLR gains the ability to:

  1. Access pre-populated patient and provider NPI information
  2. Void, print and other efficiencies in claim check process
  3. Identify and match duplicate checks and records
  4. Capture clinical information like CPT codes
  5. Enhance claim image processing and validations
  6. Increase notifications and comprehensive reports

“Claims processing and billing plays a significant role in positive experiences for members, partners and MLR Tribal Solutions team members,” remarks John Ragsdale, TAP Co-founder and Board Chair. “Access to accurate, real-time data improves those experiences and we are thrilled to continue to provide MLR Tribal Solutions with market-leading solutions at an affordable price.”

Process automation enables MLR Tribal Solutions to automatically extract images from the claim processing batch and associate it with the claim. Also, verification technology validates that batch pages are not misassigned to claim images for accurate information processing.

Read more about the TAP and MLR business history here.

TAP eliminates the need for keeping and updating Excel spreadsheets and disparate file data while streamlining fragmented workflows and automating manual processes. TI Core is easy to implement and can meet immediate interoperability goals for organizations struggling with big system data gaps.

About TAP Innovations

theAppPlace (TAP) Innovations delivers cloud-based solutions for business Digital Transformation. TAP…THE Integrated TI Core automates manual processes and greatly reduces spreadsheet sprawl, actions data into information and performs intelligent content organization across people and entity enterprises. A growing set of TI Core Modules for CRM, Business Intelligence, Integrations, and more are web and mobile enabled and quick to fill data interoperability gaps with core business systems. TAP Innovations solutions have been implemented to streamline business processes for leading healthcare and financial management organizations as well as internal departments for companies from 50-15,000 employees and users. Visit https://tapinnov.com/ to learn more.