TAP Innovations Signs North America Shipping and Logistics Company for Integration Solutions

TAP Innovations Signs North America Shipping and Logistics Company for Integration Solutions

TAP Innovations Signs North America Shipping and Logistics Company for Integration Solutions

Lotte Global Logistics seeks integration technology to exchange employee demographic data between Paycor and Microsoft business systems 


DALLAS, TX February 4, 2022. TheAppPlace (TAP) Innovations, a leading provider of cloud-based integration solutions across people and data enterprises, announced today that Lotte Global Logistics, a full service supply chain management company, has chosen TAP Innovations to integrate business systems so employee demographic data can flow automatically. Paycor and Microsoft Business Central are used to manage employee information, and the ability to connect these systems would eliminate manual efforts efficiently.

Lotte employee demographic data is stored in multiple systems which require duplicate efforts to transfer or maintain current information. Current workflows for employee record management are limited and redundant. A streamlined integration between Paycor and MS Business Central will bring needed efficiencies into manual processes. TAP Innovations was chosen to quickly and affordably connect their core business systems for more effective, efficient and timely management of information.

TAP Innovations is a Paycor integration expert and provides ongoing service excellence and system maintenance to ensure optimal performance of digital tools and solutions. Premier integration solutions will integrate their business systems, match employee profiles and fields and transfer demographic data automatically into Paycor with complete accuracy.

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TAP Innovations removes reliance on spreadsheets to improve workflows and payout accuracy, ultimately improving recordkeeping, insight into global financials and employee satisfaction. Thousands of users utilize TAP Innovations digital tools and solutions daily. Customers benefit from the simplicity of implementations, deliverables and speed to market with affordable solutions. 


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