Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Modernizes Federal and Local Application Processes through Custom Portal

Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Modernizes Federal and Local Application Processes through Custom Portal

Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Modernizes Federal and Local Application Processes through Custom Portal

TAP Innovations and DigitalBlue Software, LLC partner to develop online platform for Kickapoo Tribe to engage their tribal community and manage resource needs electronically


DALLAS, TX October 1, 2021 - TheAppPlace (TAP) Innovations, a leading provider of cloud-based integration solutions across people and data enterprises, announced today that in partnership with DigitalBlue Software, LLC, the organizations will develop and launch a tribal portal for the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma to eliminate manual efforts in applying for and managing local, tribal and federal resources. The Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma lacks a centralized and digital platform to manage tribal member information and enable access to their personal data and records. TAP Innovations and Digital Blue will solve their technology deficiencies with a custom application to transition from paper-based processes to digital record keeping and electronic transmission of information.

TAP Innovations and DigitalBlue Software will provide technical resources and digital tools to develop a social services portal to help tribal members determine eligible services, apply for those services and track application status updates. Currently, submitting assistance applications for tribal and federal programs like Tribal General Assistance, Federal General Assistance, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Programs and School Clothing Allowance Programs is manual, error-prone and time consuming for Kickapoo tribal members.  

The new tribal portal will bring efficiencies and peace-of-mind to the application process with real-time access to information. TAP Custom Application solutions will simplify the complex government application process for tribe members. Components of the portal include:

  • Tribal community engagement 
  • Member profiles and directories
  • Application tracking for Tribal General assistance (TGA), Federal General Assistance (FGA), Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Programs (LIHEAP), School Clothing Allowance Program
  • Reports and analytics 
  • administrative security and user controls
  • Payment and financial data tracking
  • Content and document uploads
  • Dashboards for social services
  • Onsite training and ongoing support

The portal provides a centralized digital space to engage the tribal community with news, updates and other relevant content for connecting members across the region.  TAP Innovations has a longstanding history supporting tribal communities across the United States with affordable, digital tools to expand their community reach and support members with greater access to information. 

TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator and an expert at automating manual operations affordably. The custom application capabilities of TAP Innovations are extensive, and thousands of users rely on TAP Innovations solutions to eliminate manual spreadsheets and generate operational efficiencies. Visit our website for an overview of the growing offering of premier integration solutions for Paycor customers.


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