Finding Inspiration Close to Home

Finding Inspiration Close to Home

Finding Inspiration Close to Home

By John Ragsdale

Spina bifida is a type of neural tube defect condition that affects the spine. My nephew Luke has this condition, and he also has the same hopes and dreams many of us do! He hasn’t let spina bifida get in the way of his aspirations. I am amazed to see him succeed in activities that we may take for granted, like having a job, living independently within a community and playing music. 

His outlook on life is admirable and he inspires me to help others by giving. My wife Staci and donate to outstanding organizations who help those with spina bifida or other medical conditions. Here are a few I’d love to highlight that give people like my nephew Luke opportunities to participate in society and live a fulfilled life. 

Java Joy

Java Joy is a nonprofit empowered by extra special people who spread unmatched joy through moments of engagement with people of all abilities. Java Joy is doing great things for adults with special needs. You may have seen Luke in a segment aired by WSBTV.  You can watch the video again here and see his excitement. Java Joy gave Luke his first part-time job working with talented coworkers, and it is a joy to watch him thrive by serving others! 

Champions Place

Champions Place provides Luke an opportunity to experience life independently. For the residents, Champions Place is a safe, accessible, and affordable residence. Luke and others can live independent and productive lives while benefiting from the latest adaptive technology. This organization gives adults freedom who may not otherwise have it due to their unique needs or medical conditions.

Songs for Kids

Music (and karaoke) is a big part of my life! I am an 80’s music trivia expert and have been known to sing a song or two at any given chance. Music plays a huge role in therapy and learning, and I know first-hand how it positively impacts team building and performance. Thankfully, Songs for Kids has given Luke the chance to learn something new and express himself through music, which I know he thoroughly enjoys. His Songs for Kids tutor is phenomenal, and together they learn, write and perform songs. 

Java Joy, Champions Place and Songs for Kids are doing amazing work in communities across the country. They are able to provide these exceptional services and experiences thanks in part to donations and fundraising. I am so proud of Luke and all that he has accomplished, including his college enrollment at Georgia State! His future is incredibly bright and we are so lucky to get to be a part of it. 

Keep up the GREAT work, Luke!

“Thank you both so much for your donations to Champions' Place, Java Joy, and Songs for Kids This really means a lot to me that you gave the time to give to these organizations that have had such a meaningful impact on my life, from Champions' Place, which gives me an opportunity to live in a community with other people with disabilities, to Java Joy, which gave me my first part-time job working with some amazing coworkers, to Songs for Kids, which has given me the chance to express myself through music with my amazing tutor Weston Taylor.” - Luke


John Ragsdale, TAP Innovations Founder CEO

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