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Strategic partnerships bring unique offerings to the market with trusted and reliable solutions. CulturaMinds is an industry leader in human resources transformation through consulting and technology innovation. Solutions solve strategy gaps, data transfer and data integrations as a result of mergers and acquisitions or technology infrastructure overhaul.

CulturaMinds is a trusted advisor for global organizations such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Publicis Groupe International, Novartis and Discovery Channel’s famous couple, Chip & Joanna Gaines (Magnolia Companies) who are navigating monumental organizational change. The experts at CulturalMinds guide businesses through HR Transformations that include technical assessments, technology strategies, Merger & Acquisition technical plans and HR infrastructure transformations.


Strategic Solutions:

  • HR HCM Digital Transformations
  • Artificial Intelligent Talent MarketPlace Technology
  • Talent Management
  • Organizational Changes
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • HR Data Architectural Solutions
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CulturaMinds and TAP Innovations are partners and experts in Paycor Human Capital Management (HCM) technology. When businesses are transitioning from one HR system to another with tens of thousands of employees, managing employee information accurately and efficiently is critical to a client’s success.  

Sophisticated integration technology through TAP Innovations saves customers significant time and resources in transferring or managing data between business systems, while CulturaMinds provides the global business strategy that includes HR infrastructure, change processes and technology components.

  • HCM system integration
  • System to system employee data transfers
  • Confidential data transfer management
  • Actionable analytics and insights
  • Leadership strategy for M&A activity
  • HR technology advisory services

Dependable tools and services are affordable and customized for each customer. We can help you get to your next level today!

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Key Digital Tools

TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator across the fray and beyond with cloud-based solutions delivered in 2-8 weeks:

  • Bi-directional integrations 
  • Data transformations 
  • Data capture 
  • Bulk data loads to transfer historical data
  • Actionable Information through reporting & analytics

TAP Innovations connects systems with HR/Payroll software. Time consuming manual processes become automated and efficient. Paycor customers like the simplicity of implementation and speed to market with affordable solutions.

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