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TAP Innovations and HCM Unlocked bring a unique offering to the market with trusted and reliable solutions for quick adoption and use of HCM technology. Clients benefit from upfront integration discussions and all-in-one implementation plans. 


Strategic Solutions


  • HCM Implementation
  • Managed Payroll
  • HR Administration
  • Strategic HR
  • Data Validation
  • Power BI
  • Benefits Administration
  • Talent
  • International Services
  • HR HCM Digital Transformations
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Making a Difference Today

HCM Unlocked and TAP Innovations are experts in Human Capital Management (HCM) technology. When businesses are transitioning from one HR system to another with tens of thousands of employees, managing employee information accurately and efficiently is critical to a client’s success. Sophisticated integration technology through TAP Innovations saves customers significant time and resources in transferring or managing data between business systems. Expert integration fits perfectly with the mission of HCM Unlocked to help organizations implement and utilize HCM software platforms to their fullest potential. 

  • HCM system integration
  • System-to-system employee data transfers 
  • Confidential data transfer management
  • Historical document conversions
  • Applicant tracking system integration
  • Restaurant Point of Sale integration
  • Franchise locations connectivity
  • Actionable analytics and insights
  • HR technology advisory services

With most companies using less than 10% of their software capabilities, HCM Unlocked successfully fills the knowledge gap by helping businesses implement, optimize and utilize their payroll and HR technology through strategic partnerships. 

Digital tools and services are affordable and customized for each customer, making HCM system integration seamless. Through this strategic partnership, customers can expect a successful implementation, faster go-live, and increased user satisfaction.

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Key Digital Tools

TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator across the fray and beyond with cloud-based solutions delivered in 2-8 weeks:

  • Bi-directional integrations 
  • Data transformations 
  • Data capture 
  • Bulk data loads to transfer historical data
  • Actionable Information through reporting & analytics

TAP Innovations connects systems with HR/Payroll software. Time consuming manual processes become automated and efficient.

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