MLR Tribal Solutions, LLC provides Medicare-Like-Rate (MLR) claims processing and payment for Native American Health Departments. MLR operated using the SharePoint system which quickly became inefficient and lacked integration into other business systems. TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator and launched a multi-phase approach to replace SharePoint and integrate process automation for billing, check processing and provider data access.



 Affordable. Quick to implement. Scalable. That’s the TAP Innovations way to satisfied customers. TAP is a system integration expert and is actively launching Paycor customers quicker thanks to cloud-based integration solutions and support services.

TAP is a trusted Paycor integration partner and has connected thousands of users to accurate, actionable information in real-time. 

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Relying heavily on SharePoint caused manual tasks and excessive spreadsheet usage to manage member data and claims information. MLR business systems lacked integration and information remained siloed with limited access. MLR Tribal Solutions sought an integrated network to enable enterprise access to member claim payment and status information.

TAP Innovations is a premier systems integrator and customer implementations expert for HR, CRM, Financial, LMS, POS, and Healthcare (EMR and PM) software companies.

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TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator with cloud-based solutions that are affordable, quick to implement and easy to use. TAP Innovations completed phase 1 by replacing SharePoint and other non-integrated systems. MLR continued to perform manual tasks like financial reports and check processing, and TAP Innovations quickly automated those time-consuming and error-prone processes. 

MLR gains the ability to:

  1. Access patient and provider NPI data 
  2. Void, print and other claim check process
  3. Identify and match duplicate checks and records
  4. Capture clinical CPT codes
  5. Enhance claim image processing
  6. Access comprehensive reports


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