Circle of Care Paycor Integration

Circle of Care is one of the largest therapy providers in the state of Texas and provides therapy services for children from birth through age twenty. Implementing Paycor for payroll efficiencies left a gap in process automation to compile payroll data for Circle of Care speech therapy employees. TAP Innovations automates manual processes of converting files and spreadsheets to proper format, easing this time-consuming workload for employees. TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator and was able to solve their data transformation challenges quickly and affordably. 

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The Problem...

Paycor brings time-savings efficiencies to payroll processing. The challenge for this organization was in converting timesheet data into proper formatting so employee data from multiple timesheets can be imported to Paycor. Transforming data manually through multiple spreadsheets and systems leads to errors with time-consuming tasks.  

Frustrated with Spread Sheets
TAP Innovations' Solution

TAP Innovations automated manual and error-prone processes for Circle of Care in a matter of weeks with innovative data transformation techniques. The Circle of Care payroll file is now correctly formatted with checks and balances throughout the automated process, alerting staff of any missing fields or data. Circle of Care saves significant time and resources thanks to TAP Innovations’ Digital Tools and premier system integration solutions.

  1. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) setup 
  2. Data transformations 
  3. Earning code mapping for speech therapists
  4. File standardization to match Paycor payroll requirements
  5. Process automation 
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Happy with TAP Innovations Implementation
Key Digital Tools

TAP Innovations is a premier systems integrator and customer implementations expert for HR, CRM, Financial, LMS, POS, and Healthcare (EMR and PM) software companies. Solutions are easily scalable and repeatable across multiple industries including franchises:

  • Bi-directional integrations 
  • Data transformations 
  • Data capture 
  • Bulk data loads to transfer historical data
  • Actionable Information 
  • Easily scalable and repeatable across franchises

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