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A Fleet Management Company faced a massive undertaking in managing large fleets that can result in huge amounts of lost revenue in manual labor processes. They launched SkyBitz and Trimble to manage their Over-The-Road Irregular Route freight fleet and sought a new centralized platform to incorporate data from multiple systems.

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The Problem...

Fleet Management Co. came to TAP Innovations to automate multiple aspects in their fleet management systems. Existing processes were causing lost revenue, particularly in missed billing for the loading and unloading of trailers. Fleet Management Co. also sought to integrate crucial data between multiple systems to provide more Actionable Information.

Frustrated with Manual Processes

TAP Innovations' Solution

TAP is developing reports that can provide a daily and monthly log of all trailers that passed the grace period for loading/unloading so that we can generate appropriate billing to the clients. Data from SkyBitz and Trimble will be used along with the custom business rules to automate trailer billing days. All systems and processes implemented by TAP Innovations will be scalable in order to add more features and regulations in the future.

TAP Innovations’ custom solution is expected to give Fleet Management Co. a 2x Return on Investment in Year 1 and a 4x Return on Investment in the First Three Years.

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Key Digital Tools

Fleet Management Co. will not only be able to access and input data about their fleet more efficiently (saving manual labor and work hours), but incorporating multiple systems will provide a much better feel for the state of their fleet.

  • Report Automation
  • Custom IT
  • SaaS
  • Data Integration
  • Resource Solutions
  • Scalable Systems & Processes
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