TAP MESS Survey & Personalized Assessment Report 

TAP MESS Survey & Personalized Assessment Report...Well, you’re here and you must have the same challenge that most companies, all sizes and industries, have…Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets because Your core business systems fall short AND don’t do what you need them to do…That’s right, Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets. And if you think about the acronym for this…

it spells M, E, S, S or MESS.

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Well, you’ve come to the right place to see how Your MESS measures up.

TAP, theAppPlace, Innovations is offering You a personal 2 minute multiple choice survey about the height, width, length, number of users, and the number of hours spent with your MESS to get a FREE and AMAZINGLY valuable personal TAP MESS Assessment Score Report.


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So…jump right in, tell us about your MESS, and we’ll provide You serious MESS comparison and solution insight. Don’t delay…Your MESS could soon go away!

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TAP's MESS Survey & Personalized Assessment Report 

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