TAP Eliminates Manual Efforts & SpreadSheets...the MESS

TAP Eliminates the MESS...In all organizations, all industries, large and small, each of us would like to eliminate and replace as many Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets as possible. This is a very unwelcome four letter acronym in all companies...

the MESS.

Watch How TAP Eliminates the MESS!

The Problem.

Do you have these problems? Manual efforts and processes in your business workflow that drive you crazy? Unmanaged spreadsheet sprawl? A growing list of multiple systems, applications, and databases that do not talk to each other? Manual or slow processes that you or others don’t really want to do and drag you down? Are there key gaps or shortfalls between your existing systems that you fill with manual efforts and spreadsheets? Do your current systems fall short of your expectations? Do you lack integrated systems across your staff, customers and vendors?

Frustrated with Spread Sheets
TAP Innovations' Solution

Well, TAP…theAppPlace is the solution to these very common business problems. This prebuilt, pre-integrated growing digital toolbox creates web, mobile, and cloud configurable and custom solutions for small to medium businesses with 20-1000 plus users in all industries. These are delivered faster and more affordably than traditional custom solutions and can easily scale for SMBs; something that was previously way out of reach for organizations of this size. And with a focus on truly eliminating and replacing manual efforts and spreadsheets or the MESS, TAP solutions always improve productivity, save money and position businesses for success in a short period of time.

TAP Implementation Flow Arrow
Happy with TAP Innovations Implementation
Key Digital Tools

iSMS Sales & Marketing System/CRM, TRN-Tasks, Reminders, Notifications, C3-Connect & Collaborate with Content, C2P-Connect & Collaborate with People, myBI-my Business Intelligence & Reporting, TAPAdmin (People, Data & Security Administration), TAP 8 Layer Security, TAP Technology Stack (SaaS Platform), TAP Mobile/Web/Social Platform, TAP Design, Development and Impl Teams, TAP Support Team, TAP Integration Fabric, Digital Strategy/Transformation Platform, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Apps, Learning Management System (LMS), QuickBooks Integrations, SalesForce Development/Integrations, EMR Integrations, Survey/Campaign Integrations, Project Mgmt System Integrations, and growing… 


TAP Innovations delivers AMAZING cloud-based Solutions and Services across North America to eliminate Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS). These are scalable, fast, and ‘ridiculously’ affordable.

Let us help you clean up your MESS

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