TAP Custom Sales/CRM Solution for Financial Advisors and Other Industries

TAP Custom Sales/CRM Solution for Financial Advisors and Other Industries...Independent Financial Advisor Sales/CRM & Workflow Task Management Solution including Financial System Data Integrations with QuickBooks, Lacerte Tax and Black Diamond Financial

TAP Custom Sales/CRM in Action!

Customer Case Study... The Problem

A regional financial services company quickly realized their ability to grow their network of clients and advisors required integration amongst core business systems. Their current shared services systems that manage client and company data were disjointed, causing manual processes and management of separate spreadsheets that were not accessible to other advisors. Current practices limited company growth, team collaboration and data sharing across the country.

    Frustrated with Spread Sheets
    TAP Innovations' Solution

    We simply asked...Tell us about your Manual Efforts and Spreadsheets (MESS). TAP then replaced 10+ Excel spreadsheets with workflow-friendly screens to capture data so more people can collaborate with access to necessary business information. The TAP Innovations enterprise solution allows the business and advisor functions to scale quickly, meeting time expectations of current and new customers. Information is now stored in a centralized database for quick access and updates, cross-country team collaboration and business intelligence reporting and analytics. The team can gain insight into regional and national trends, forecasts and company performance.

    The streamlined workflow and efficient data management practices became value-add services amongst competition that helps advisors expand their customer base and collaborate at a higher level with immediate access to enterprise information.

    TAP also replaced 3 systems, 20+ spreadsheets, and 40+ hours per week across 50 people manually tracking tasks. Brought efficiency into data management practices to increase revenue potential by 50% and created new business insights with reporting and intelligence, allowing rapid company expansion that was not previously possible from a regional office to a national team of advisors that can support wealth management, tax, accounting, and investment advice for executives and businesses.

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    Happy with TAP Innovations Implementation
    Key Digital Tools

    CRM/Sales/Product Mgmt – iSMS, Task, Reminder & Workflow Mgmt – TRN, Master Data Mgmt & Indexing – Admin, Business Intelligence/Reporting – myBI, , Intranet/Extranet on steroids – C3 & C2P

    Let us help you clean up your MESS

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