TAP Restaurant POS to HR System Time & Data Automation

TAP Restaurant POS to HR System Time & Data Automation...When a restaurant business tracks time, tip and other employee information through Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS), data management and workflows are unnecessarily time-consuming and cause frustration. Global visibility into time and data keeping across multiple restaurant locations becomes impossible without the right tools and automated processes to sync Point of Sale (POS) and HR systems. When these systems are connected, management can remove an unwanted and often error-prone task of managing employee time and tip data through spreadsheets or other manual processes and interventions. With global analytics and reporting capabilities restaurants can make real-time adjustments to operations.

TAP Restaurant Time & Data Automation in Action!

Customer Case Study... The Problem

We simply asked…Tell us about your Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets or MESS. They said..A Restaurant group with 18 different locations manually managed and tracked employee time data through multiple systems and spreadsheets. Employee data was housed in 3 POS systems that then was uploaded into a separate HR system for overtime calculation and payout. This cumbersome process caused paycheck errors, manual intervention and corrections each pay period through current Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS) processes.

    Frustrated with Spread Sheets
    TAP Innovations' Solution

    TAP Time and Data Automation replaces the need for spreadsheet tracking and uploading this information into multiple systems. In addition, the TAP Solution automates overtime calculation across multiple data systems and enables accurate coding and reporting of employee overtime versus regular time. TAP provides a scalable solution to support time-tracking and recordkeeping across additional restaurant locations, and reporting capabilities provide insight into global restaurant operations and financials.

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    Key Digital Tools

    Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) and HR System Integrations, TAP's myBI Business Intelligence/Reporting, TAP's Integration Fabric and ETL tools, TAPAdmin (People, Data & Security Administration), TAP 8-Layer Security, Actionable Information (TAP's AI), TAP's Global Resource Network

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