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Paycor users are tasked with manual efforts and expensive workarounds to exchange data with their multiple business systems. TAP Innovations solves data transfer gaps and speeds Paycor implementations, with one customer launching in as little as one week. With TAP Innovations’ integration expertise and premier integration solutions, Paycor customers launch the HR system quickly, expedite downstream business revenue and become a referral base through successful startup experiences.

TAP Innovations solutions are scalable, repeatable and affordable for Paycor customers. Because of the quick and cost-effective success of implementations with a Panera Bread franchise, Urban Air Adventure Parks and Options Inc., TAP Innovations is expanding quickly with exclusive solutions and support services.

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The Problem...

Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Point of Sale (POS) systems need quick integration for customers to complete their implementation and for Paycor to realize customer revenue without delays. Customer challenges include:

  • Inability to transfer historical data like employee, time and labor, without manual file uploads.
  • Data manipulations and transformations.
  • Manual efforts, processes and reliance on spreadsheets.
  • 8+ weeks and resources cost added to implementations.
  • Unexpected budget increases.
Frustrated with Spread Sheets
TAP Innovations' Solution

TAP Innovations premier integration solutions integrate easily and are scalable. TAP Innovations fills integration gaps for a growing list of Paycor customers.

  • TAP Innovations automates the payroll data feed process for Rolling Dough, a Panera Bread franchise through POS integration.
  • LMS integration for the Urban Air Adventure Park Franchise system saved 8 weeks in integration time.
  • Louisiana State Retirement System (LaSRS) integration automates file loads and data transformations for OPTIONS, Inc.
  • Circle of Care will have automated processes to convert timesheet data through TAP Innovations data transformation solutions.

TAP Innovations customizable integration solutions are scalable and repeatable across business franchises, solutions increase marketability with bundled integration

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Happy with TAP Innovations Implementation
Key Digital Tools

TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator across the stry and beyond with cloud-based solutions delivered in 2-8 weeks:

  • Bi-directional integrations 
  • Data transformations 
  • Data capture 
  • Bulk data loads to transfer historical data
  • Actionable Information through reporting & analytics

TAP Innovations connects POS systems with HR/Payroll software. Manual processes like transferring employee, time and labor data become automated and efficient. Paycor customers like the simplicity of implementati and speed to market with affordable solutions.


“TAP Innovations is nimble, efficient, and provides a level of support that is unlike any other partner we have.”

Beaux Wellborn

Paycor HCM Process Consultant

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Client Testimonial

“Our clients are confident in how they operate thanks to TAP Innovations.”

Beaux Wellborn

Paycor HCM Process Consultant

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