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Louisiana Service Reporting System (LaSRS) Paycor Integration

OPTIONS began implementing the Paycor HR system and quickly realized their unique data sets stored in the Louisiana Service Reporting System (LaSRS) required efforts to extract, de-duplicate and transfer.

These data transformation processes to complete payroll became manual efforts that caused errors and delays. TAP Innovations, a Paycor integration expert, integrated LaSRS and Paycor systems in less than 4 weeks and automates payroll processes.

TAP Innovations... Premier Paycor Integrator

The Problem...

OPTIONS stores employee data like time and attendance in the Louisiana Service Reporting System (LaSRS). Current workflows and processes are manual and error-prone which cause payroll and data inaccuracies. Before OPTIONS can launch their new Paycor HR system, system integration was needed to solve duplication and employee time discrepancies.

Frustrated with Spread Sheets
TAP Innovations' Solution

TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator across the HR industry and beyond with cloud-based solutions.  

     - Implementations

     - Integrations

     - Bi-Directional Integrations

     - Data Transformations

     - Data Capture

     - Bulk Data Loads

     - Actionable Information

TAP Innovations is an expert Paycor System integrator and saves OPTIONS, INC significant payroll cost, time, and resources. 

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Happy with TAP Innovations Implementation
Key Digital Tools

TAP Innovations provides a Time and Attendance solution to quickly and cost-effectively transfer employee time punch data to Paycor for payroll processing.

In less than 4 weeks, OPTIONS INC launched Tap Innovations' digital tools and premier integrations solutions.

  • Automated time punch data loads from LaSRS
  • Process automation to push employee time punches into TAP Innovations Time and Attendance
  • Data Transformations to apply unique codes and other identifiers
  • Ongoing service and maintenance


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We began to implement Paycor HR system and quickly uncovered manual work to transfer our employee data. Thanks to TAP Innovations and their integration solutions, our payroll processes have improved significantly!


Jamie Guidry

Finance Director


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