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Insurance Verification Process Automation (IVPA) brings significant time and cost savings to manual insurance verification processes by replacing error-prone workflows. With IVPA, a medical practice increases staff productivity and verifies patient insurance faster.  Sophisticated integration technology ensures compatibility with electronic medical records, practice management systems and insurance payer websites for accurate verification status, data and reporting.

Patient insurance verification processes are often performed manually through multiple steps and website toggling between insurance sites and the patient’s medical record. For a healthcare practice, a single insurance verification lookup may take an average of 2 minutes per patient. Averaging 60 patients per day for a single physician practice, this equates to 42 hours per month or 504 hours per year. At an average salary rate of $45,000/year ($22/hour), for staff to perform these tasks, this practice estimates $11,000/year spent on insurance verification.

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Customer Case Study... The Problem

A large percentage of Patient Insurance Verification processes are manually performed by logging into a payer website, entering patient information, copying insurance information, and then pasting this information into the patient’s record in the Practice Management system. This process is sometimes automatically performed by the Practice Management system. However, this is most often not the case and healthcare staff are required to perform these steps manually through Payer websites.

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    TAP Innovations' Solution

    TAP Digital Tools using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology have integrated with Centricity, NextGen, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, and other Practice Management Systems bringing automation and electronic data capture, entry, querying and reporting to healthcare manual processes and spreadsheets. For insurance verification, TAP’s Digital Tools can perform the following automation steps during off hours reducing the need for manually performing these steps: 

    1. Read the upcoming days scheduled patient information (first patient record) from the Practice Management System (requires basic integration with the Payer websites and PM System),

    2. Automatically login to the Payer website(s), 

    3. Open each patient’s insurance information (insurance verification code, deductibles, copays, etc.),

    4. Copy this information in memory,

    5. Login to the Practice Management System,

    6. Open the Patient’s Record,

    7. Paste the Insurance Verification information, 

    8. Close the Patient Record,

    9. Repeat this process for each patient.

    10. TAP can also determine any issues found in the process and notify the appropriate personnel electronically. TAP’s myBI reporting solution provides real-time reports and analytics for the process. Lastly, as this is a solution for a single process, TAP has many more tools and solutions that can be upsold to the practice/ organization after the first solution is in place and successful.

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    Key Digital Tools

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Master Data Mgmt & Indexing – Admin, BI/Reporting – myBI, Central App Security/Data/App Config – Admin, Other Custom Components

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