Construction CRM & PM Systems (like Buildertrend) Integration Solution

Construction CRM & Project Management (PM) Systems like Buildertrend typically capture data well, but lack the ability to digitally transform and combine this data with other business system data (i.e. Financial data from QuickBooks, In Spreadsheets, etc.). TAP's Construction System Solution brings efficiency and business effectiveness by bridging gaps in CRM & PM Systems and integrating data from other business systems like Excel and Quickbooks, enabling quicker and more accurate access to this combined business Actionable Information (TAP's AI) via web and mobile devices. Also, TAP provides quick and easy solutions to capture additional data fields that CRM, PM, or Financial Systems do not capture and weaves them into the centralized reporting structure and dashboards.

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Customer Case Study... The Problem

We simply asked…Tell us about your Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets or MESS. And this Texas home remodeler shared a story of how they typically spend 6-8 hours per week manually pulling multiple marketing, sales and project management extracts from their Construction CRM & PM system, Buildertrend, because their system lacked good reporting functionality. This client then exported this to Excel spreadsheets. Then, they extracted financial data from QuickBooks. Next, they added several data fields in a spreadsheet that were not captured in Buildertrend of QuickBooks. Lastly, they attempted to combine all this data in a final spreadsheet. The results were incomplete, inaccurate, time consuming and left them with no visibility into their business growth indicators. They really wanted to expand their business into other markets, but with this 6-8 hour manual and spreadsheet intensive process every week (a true MESS), ending up with inaccurate and untimely information, this was not going to happen.

    Frustrated with Spread Sheets
    TAP Innovations' Solution

    TAP quickly identified the Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets or MESS, reached into their Integrated Digital Toolbox and solved this MESS in 3 weeks. This solution included using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to regularly pull 3+ marketing, sales and project management data extracts from Buildertrend every hour during business hours. This data along with integrated and real-time links to their QuickBooks data and additional data captured through Microsoft's Power Apps was automatically integrated and presented in 5 dynamic business dashboards with Microsoft's Power BI software. All of this delivered in 3 weeks and this home remodeler was now in position with Actionable Information (TAP's AI) to expand to new markets!

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    Happy with TAP Innovations Implementation
    Key Digital Tools

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Microsoft Power BI, QuickBooks Integration, Microsoft Power Apps, TAP's Integration Fabric, Actionable Information (TAP's AI), TAP's Global Resource Network 

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