Brazos Valley Council of Governments Paycor Integration

Brazos Valley Council of Governments launched Paycor for employee time-keeping and payroll. The process to transfer employee time data from Paycor Perform Time to Paycor Payroll is manual with complex data transformations based on earnings codes. Brazos Valley needed an integration and data transformation solution to automate time data mapping and processes between their Paycor systems. TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator and was able to solve their data transformation challenges in one week. 

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The Problem...

Brazos Valley Council of Governments details labor hours for employees and projects in Perform Time; however, the Perform Time data needs to be mapped and approved before it can be loaded into payroll. Mapping earnings codes to work and non-work hours created a delay in launching Paycor systems due to time-consuming manual efforts. TAP Innovations, a Paycor integration expert, developed a cloud-based integration solution to receive HR file data and export HR output files with accurate data transformations and coding. The exported data files are complete, correctly mapped and ready for review and export into payroll and accounting systems.

Frustrated with Spread Sheets
TAP Innovations' Solution

TAP Innovations is a premier system integrator across the HR industry and beyond with cloud-based solutions:

  • Bi-directional integrations
  • Bulk data loads to transfer
  • historical data
  • Data transformations
  • Actionable Information
  • Data capture
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Happy with TAP Innovations Implementation
Key Digital Tools

TAP Innovations recreated processes to streamline data input and accelerate system launch and timely payout. TAP Innovations provides a Time and Attendance solution to quickly and cost-effectively transform employee earnings data.

In one week, Brazos Valley Council of Governments launched TAP Innovations digital tools and premier integration solutions.

  • Cloud-based Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) site development
  • Data transformations every 30 minutes to apply unique codes and other identifiers
  • Automatic error processing notifications
  • Automatic file export of employee time data for Brazos team review
  • Ongoing service and maintenance

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