Premier Integration Solutions, Partnership Expansions Are Key Differentiators for TAP Innovations in 2021

Premier Integration Solutions, Partnership Expansions Are Key Differentiators for TAP Innovations in 2021

Premier Integration Solutions, Partnership Expansions Are Key Differentiators for TAP Innovations in 2021

Core business solutions propelled 800% annual revenue growth and 300% client growth! 


DALLAS, TX December 13, 2021. TheAppPlace (TAP) Innovations, a leading provider of affordable cloud-based integration solutions across people and data enterprises, announced today that 2021 was a record-breaking year for client and revenue growth. TAP Innovations is the market leader in cloud-based integration solutions that quickly and affordably connect people with their data while eliminating manual efforts and spreadsheets. The company experienced an 800% growth in new clients and business revenue through simple integration solutions, new partnerships and expanded resource models including TAP’s unique Global IT ‘Gig Economy.’  

“We quickly realized the need in the marketplace for companies big and small looking to maximize their investment in large scale technology purchases by integrating other business systems and expanding access to their information,” says John Ragsdale, TAP Innovations Founder CEO. “Our cloud-based integration solutions are affordable, scalable and effective which has made our technology solutions and people services in high-demand across the globe.”

TAP Innovations emphasized partnership expansion as a priority in 2021 and quickly accomplished that goal by aligning strategically with HR Information Systems companies including Paycor. TAP Innovations completed 300% more integrations in 2021 compared to previous year. Partnerships have enabled small to medium-sized businesses greater access to data and greater efficiencies in their business workflows. Efficiencies have proven to generate revenue for these customers faster and improve their employee satisfaction. 

Throughout 2021, customers also expressed an ongoing need for technology staffing support for their organization. TAP Innovations provides high-quality and affordable resources on-demand to support customers as their business needs scale up or down. Kenny Claytor joined TAP Innovations in 2021 as VP of Sales, Staffing and Solutions and is working to scale this division leading into the New Year.

The customer base for TAP Innovations now spans the entire U.S. and across the globe with international client locations within industries including:

  1. Human Capital Management (HCM)
  2. Government and Tribal Solutions
  3. Storage Facilities
  4. Staffing 
  5. Healthcare
  6. Infrastructure and Security
  7. Restaurant and Franchises
  8. Construction
  9. Oil and Gas
  10. Retail
  11. Photography
  12. Managed Service Providers (MSP)
  13. Financial Services
  14. Building Maintenance 
  15. Landscaping
  16. Marketing, and more

“2021 was an exciting year for TAP Innovations!” adds John. “We have been able to create more jobs with 200% resource growth while offering customer service excellence, ongoing technical support and new product solutions; and this fuels our momentum as we kick-off 2022.”

System integration between business systems eliminates the need for manual interventions and spreadsheets which cause errors, duplicate information and redundant processes. Centralized access to employee data and changes enables an enterprise approach to information management, which improves business operations and streamlines business workflows including payroll. 

TAP Innovations carries out its mission to make the world more efficient by eliminating one MESS (Manual Effort and SpreadSheet) at a time. Customers benefit from the simplicity of implementations, deliverables and speed to market with affordable solutions. 

Thousands of users utilize TAP Innovations digital tools and solutions daily for tasks like integrations, data transformations, bulk data loads, actionable information, SaaS, infrastructure needs and more. For recent customer implementations, click here


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