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We make core business systems like HR, Finance, ERP, CRM, POS, EMR, etc. Better and more Efficient!!


MESS’s are Everywhere…We all Have Them…All Industries…All Companies…All Departments. But TAP Innovations Lives and Breathes Efficiency. To Eliminate MESS’s, TAP Innovations' (TI) Core provides configurable and custom-tailored solutions that Bridge System and Data Gaps and deliver Actionable Information (AI) to unlock Your Business Potential.

High Level Efficacy

Efficacy…the Power to Produce an Effect. TAP Innovations’ Powerful TI Core, built with a growing ‘Integrated Digital Toolbox™’, Produces Amazing Effects with more efficient workflow resulting in Your Productivity Gains without replacing existing systems.

Bridging the Gap

TAP Innovations (TI) Integration Fabric creatively Bridges System and Data Gaps to improve accessibility and agility for your business.

Actionable Information(AI)

Actionable Information (TAP's version of AI) is Your Real Goal…at Your fingertips…across all Your systems…for Your critical analysis and efficient decisions to help You Win and Grow in Your Market.

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Channel Partners

Partner with TAP Innovations to complement your product portfolio with data efficiency solutions that are quick to implement and easy to use. Our cloud-based platform closes manual process gaps where big systems can fall short. Contact Us to learn more about our reseller and channel partner opportunities.

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TAP Innovations strategically partners with HRM, CRM, FINANCE, EMR, PM, LMS, POS, and other systems to increase client revenue and decrease manual efforts. 

  • Implementations of new or updated systems
  • Integrations  to carry data between systems
  • Data Capture solutions to capture additional information
  • Data Transformations to capture, calculate, and adjust data elements
  • Bulk Data Loads to move years worth of system data
  • Actionable Information through Analytics & Reporting
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Let us help you clean up your MESS

To see a demonstration and start the conversation, contact us by phone or by using our contact form.